Supporting Pupils Who Have Failed Their Driving Test

Lots of pupils can become emotional after being told by the examiner they’ve already not been successful on this attempt of the driving test. Some pupils may become angry and start to question the decision made by often the examiner. Some get depressed and may talk about giving up as opposed to others may even blame the quality of tuition given by the instructor. It is essential to remain positive and support the pupil no matter how they are simply feeling.

Instructors should remain calm and listen to the exact pupil at first. Reassure them that they are not the only models to fail especially if this is their first attempt. Explain which the driving test is not a one shot deal and can be taken for a second time soon. Long waiting times for another test can be an situation so pupils should be advised to go online regularly to receive a cancellation date. Tests are cancelled regularly for a variety of reasons so short notice dates are available for those who consider them online.

By going through the earlier driving test marking bed sheet and looking at the faults, the instructor can work with the pupil plus discuss an action plan to put things right. Many of my favorite pupils in the past have been glad they passed the second occasion because they felt that they were better drivers and had even more confidence to drive alone after passing the test. Form an idea based on the faults shown on the marking sheet and give the very pupil an idea of how many lessons it will take to put perfect. This gives the pupil a positive feeling and is good for the main instructor’s business. Forming a plan will prevent the pupil out of going to another instructor as you will know exactly what needs to be executed. Let the pupil know you are working together on this and you simply are here to support them.

A few case histories of people that have been in their situation always seem to help. By revealing to them of past pupils who failed, then many hundreds of the instructor to put things right and subsequently passed test can really help to encourage people who feel discouraged. Some pupils think they have let the instructor down so assure them it’s not the case. Tell them you are pleased with their performance and with somewhat work in certain areas they will be successful next time. Be unique about the areas that need to be improved and tailor the lessons in their needs. This will let them know you are genuinely interested and the doing the job relationship you have with your pupil will be strengthened.