Pallets – What Are Your Options?

Pallets are horizontal platform devices that are used as embasements for storing, assembling, transporting and handling products and resources as unit loads. They offer protection for products confined in them and the bottom deck prevents damage to the goods palletized. They make stacking possible without causing any damages to your goods being handled. Pallets are made using different products and they come in varying sizes to suit the demands of the things being stored or transported.

Aluminum or metal pallets – They are suitable for the transportation of heavy possessions, at sea storage, long term outdoor storage and fresh air freight. These pallets are loved for their strength in addition to good sanitation, especially for the catering industry. They are far more powerful than plastic and wood, are weather resistant , nor decay or rot and they also don’t splinter. They are also strong and keep bugs and pests at bay. However , they are bulkier and more expensive compared to other Pallet Supplier in Cleveland .

Plywood pallets instant They are best for medium and light products that still will need durable and strong packaging. They have the advantage of being formidable but light, making transportation and shipping very easy to control. Plywood has a clean, smooth surface, making the pallets rather appealing and they can be stacked or rack stocked which has no problems. They however are prone to water damage in outdoor use.

Real wood pallets – They are probably some of the most popular because of the way in which durable, strong and affordable they are. They are great for more heavy products and are easy to store in racks and also offer good load carriers. The boards can be removed and replaced when ever broken making the pallets very practical and convenient and in addition they can also be recycled. Their construction is easy and quick they can be very heavy and therefore costly for air freight. Additionally are prone to shrinking, warping, splinters and bacteria growth and can be hard to clean.

Plastic pallets – They are safe plus stable, making good choices for all kinds of transport applications. They can be reused without any special kind of care and maintenance and offer anti go surfaces and high loading capacities. These pallets usually are lightweight, resistant to shock and stress, resistant to chemicals and is used in all climatic conditions without any issues. They do not splinter or if you have any dangerous nails and screws but they are not best for shelve storage. Once cracked or broken, they can be challenging to repair.

Other material options you are likely to find in the market will be corrugated cardboard and presswood pallets. When looking for the best pallets, consider the nature of your business so you can choose high quality pallets that you can not only afford but those that will serve your business needs effectively. Pallet suppliers recycle and refurbish pallets for different needs and you can also have your pallets custom made to fit your specific requirements. Take pallet size into consideration as well when the best choice for your business.