New Moon Film Marketing And How This can Benefit Independent Films!

New Moon Film Marketing And How This can Benefit Independent Films!

The incredible Twilight Saga continues with New Moon… from the months building up to the opening weekend it’s gained enormous amounts of altadefinizione and consciousness. That is no real surprise given the methods they’ve adopted.

So how are they created a lot of hype – and how is it applied to a different movie?

The Producers and promotion team supporting the saga have gone to great lengths to take advantage of social networking strategies, but have recognized the significance of offline PR methods to give interesting content to market. Listed below are Some of the Internet techniques utilized:

Twitter – Twilight enabled, by using their twitter feed, the chance to ask the celebrities directly queries regarding the film. Once again demonstrating that accessibility is vital to the achievement of the movie.


Some links:

@Twilight – Twilight by Summit Entertainment
@Peter Facinelli – Dr. Carlisle Cullen
@Billy Burke – Chief Swan
@Ashley Greene – Alice Cullen

IPhone Apps – Twilight obviously felt that the need to make an iPhone Application. The idea was to encourage interaction with the lovers, and they would cover a small charge for the privilege – Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke assembled an App that provided an insight to the figures – biographies and so on that gave added depth and background to the movie.

Facebook – By providing exclusive chances to their lovers before the movie launched and by supplying exceptional interviews with all the core cast, the production staff enabled fans who were not able to satisfy with the cast and crew in person to possess a chance to learn more and get alongside them by turning into a fan on Facebook. They started discussion forums and supplied graphics to provide some anti inflammatory opportunities.

Red Carpet Live Stream – An internet live flow in the red carpet revealed the coming of the stars in the movie – that they used’UStream’ that worked especially well with this and created record quantity of visitors. There is no reason why independent filmmakers can not do exactly the same, using just a tiny quantity of effort… that stated there has to be consciousness, which is generated by a number of the additional techniques shown here.

You Tube – Lots of fake on You Tube of most of those ‘Twihards’. This was smart since the imitations themselves encourage the movie. It may just be possible to find a number of this team to perform an imitation of this movie they’re working for you and place it up on You Tube.

Offline Promotion

Meeting people in person – producing massive offline PR

The whole cast – that comprises the werewolves and the Volturi (the coordinated coven of”royal” vampires) – are creating looks everywhere you could imagine! This implies that by meeting people in person, they’re generating links. These links will equate to merchandise and ticket sales. Additionally they ran media conferences from Japan, Brazil and Mexico, to provide a little bit of global spread to their own advertising.



Naturally there are lots of the more conventional methods used to advertise the movie. Trailers appeared prominently in cinemas and internet weeks before the movie premiered and were created whenever post-production started. Something certainly suggested by movie marketers to deliver the movie to life and make interest.

Brand Involvement

All of the usual’big brand’ accompaniments followed the initiation of the movie which obviously meant reaching all of the significant brand clients – AT&T ringtones by way of instance are typical to create awareness and hype.

Obviously, this is not something that little independent movie producers can perform. But maybe there may be local businesses ready to encourage the manufacturing and market it to the release – particularly if they have numerous consumers.


Twilight embraced several contests. By way of instance, the option to acquire a trip to Italy is just one of those huge opportunities being provided to brand’s clients through sweepstakes, along with a hide-and-seek style involvement to discover hints to win the excursion. Volvo offered the chance to acquire the automobile the Edward drives. We can not do this – but you can win a few of the props?!

Even without a huge brand onboard this really is some thing than may be viral and also a little budget allowance could offer a excellent chance for advertising.


So the Majority of These techniques are completely possible to embrace on hardly any funds – it is simply a case of:

1. Go where the crowd is
2. Push them to something which they’ll discover intriguing
3. Produce”Buzz” through equally off-line and internet PR
4. Content is King – make a few!
5. Do it while you are still in creation or even before start to advertise your movie.
6. Create a site to drive visitors

My preferred online tools include: Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, along with this brand new tool for movie marketing, One Fat For more on internet marketing I suggest reading the following post that offers some detail about the techniques regarding the way to create traffic online on your picture.