Why Did I Write My Book to Help Adolescent Female Athletes?

A good philosopher once said: “Half of what I say is definitely meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may access you. ” Khalil Gibran also said: “A minor knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that can be idle. ”

I am still inspired by these statements when both have real meaning for me. I have asked myself: What is the reason I was able to acquire specific knowledge in couple of disciplines? In both cases – low back pain and teen a woman athlete challenges at puberty – I have been able to take on complex and inter-related medically based issues and provide a good path with easy to understand language so people can use toughness information I provide and make informed decisions.

On the to come back cover of my new book- I say that a bit of catalyst can go a long way. This catalyst is the knowledge of easy methods to help teen female athletes deal with the unintended punishment of Title IX legislation [June 1972]; when i. e., female athlete non-contact ACL (knee) injuries.

It is a second time I have had the opportunity to share knowledge about person that may be more misunderstood than low back pain [1993]. This is an opportunity to help young female athletes train their body so one of these place the odds in their favor of not being challenged by means of noncontact ACL (knee) injuries. Having trained more than one thousand teen female athletes in every sport and cheering seeing that 1995, I can tell you unequivocally that non-contact ACL pain does not have to happen.

In both cases, it is not easy to understand the research in addition to interpret the conclusions to help adults challenged by mid back pain and now, help adolescent female athletes and the adults for their lives understand the benefits of neuromuscular (lower body) and heart training.

I use spine-safe training principles to help everyone. Typical thread between low back pain and female athlete participation was should the medical histories showed young females reporting low back pain this had nothing to do with their monthly cycle. Youngsters cracking OTC pills to fend off soreness and pain which can have devastating long term effects on their body. Then, moreover, seeing young females affected by too much crying and burden and not enough youngsters having FUN as I did when I experienced basketball.

However , in the case of teen female athletes – it’s not necessarily enough to write about the ‘silent epidemic’ and think that consumers will acquire this information because of evidence occurring in the subject. This evidence is very real and can be explained if almost everyone will open their minds to a “sea change” in believing. Why would a leading researcher and orthopedic surgeon mention [female ACL injury] “it’s not just a activities medicine problem, it’s becoming a public health challenge. ”

Virtually all female athletes must learn to VALUE TRAINING TO PLAY SPORTING on vacations. Once training to play sports is a requirement that parents discuss and learn how to implement – there is the hope of which ACL (and other upper body) injuries will be reduced. The adults must lead the way as they are the youth you are not selected coaches. They must value training the young female’s shape to prepare her for the demands of her sport by way of helping each female athlete develop a strong foundation.

I see the opportunity to educate adults and their daughter-athletes about something some people see the effects from; i. e., ACL injuries and then the female athlete population. Thinking this will only happen to some is not an option as the subject is not discussed and the conclusions plus comments from leading health care professionals and researchers didn’t permeated youth sports.

Looking at a timeline, I understand that explosion of female athletes is in its adolescence. Why does this so? Title IX is almost 40 years old. However court and legislative challenges to try to sink Title IX took almost 20 years. Therefore , the real explosion in physical activities participation by females is just about the 20+ year make; just going through adolescence.