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In today's society, the modern format of music is all mp3 and digital downloading. However, back in the 1970's and the 1980's, the format was Vinyl. Vintage Vinyl LP Records, although severely out of date, can be worth quite a lot of money if sold to the correct person. Most people see them now as mere collectables.

In the early days of Vinyl Records, the players were extremely basic, but as with any product, it advanced over time. A lot of club DJ's still use Vinyl Records on their mixing desks, so in effect, Vinyl never went out, it just became a lower format for music. These sort of mixing desks which DJ's use in clubs are highly advanced, and do contain a lot of digital media.

The days of Vinyl Records brought us Early Rock 'n Roll, Punk, and Soul. These types of Modern bands still do release their albums on Vinyl for a limited time as collectors value. Most hardcore fans of the musician will buy these. The 1970's is when the big boom in Vinyl really took off. This was due to the large increase in Punk and Rock 'n Roll bands. These sorts of bands helped the Vinyl Record sales increase, and encouraged people to buy players for their records. Although Pre-1970's music was on Vinyl, there was not much demand for it before the 1970's. In the 1960's, the popularity did increase, but nowhere near as much as it did in the decade to follow.

The quality of Vinyl Records leaves a lot to be said. The audio quality was never up to standard, and could never compare to the formats of media we use today. This was due to how Vinyl Records worked. Spiraling from the outside inwards was a groove in the Vinyl Disc, which was spun on a turntable. A needle would be places on the outside rim of the disc as it spun, hence drawing the needle inwards and playing the contents of the disc. The needle would amplify the sound, which was lay onto the disc, and exert it through speakers. The principal of a CD also came from Vinyl Records, except instead of a needle, a laser is used to read and process the content of the CD.

Many musicians managed to find success and worldwide recognition through the production of Vinyl Records. If it were not for this early format in music, a lot of musicians would never have gained popularity worldwide. Once music is put onto a Vinyl Record, it could then be shipped out to countries all over the world, and then make the musician famous for their music.

Musicians released various colors for their LP's, which resulted in limited editions and picture discs. Because Vinyl is a durable material, almost anything could be printed, and it would still play as good as a normal black disc. Some Vinyl Records would even be released as clear Vinyl, meaning you could see right through it. This kind of authoring is not possible on today's modern format, not even on CD's.

By the 1990's, the Vinyl boom had died down, and the CD was the format of the future. However, although the CD was a great invention, it did not last too long due to the fact digital downloading was right around the corner.